A short extract from our best press campaigns, quality, creativity and professionalism.
  • 2007 LAVALÁ®

    Stain removal on Lavalá fabric is very easy. Clean spot yourself just using a sponge!

  • 2008 SMACCHIONE®

    Smacchione is the perfect fabric even for the most difficult tests.

  • 2008 100 PIÚ®

    100 Times in your washing machine. "The more you wash it, the more it's happy". The only fabric always good and nice even after 100 washes. TRUE LOVE!

  • 2009 MAGIC®

    By EMMECIA the first anti-stain synthetic Leater. Put it to the test with your child!

  • 2012 PERFECT®

    You can wash it and it looks always PERFECT without shrinking. EMMECIA has created PERFECT: Ask to your trusty Upholsterer .

  • 2013 SMACCHIALÀ®

    New Fabric Washable and Anti-Stain. Easy washable in your washing machine: it makes your life easier!